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Pippa and her crew have been my cleaners since 2002 - I love it because I have given her my key and alarm code and I go out and leave them to it - they never invade my privacy. She brought me lovely flowers when my beautiful puppy died and when we came home from overseas the house was clean and safe and she had put flowers in the entrance hall.


I'm single and immigrated from Scotland several years ago. Pippa has always been my cleaner and has moved to several rented properties with me - she does a great job and always turns up on the appointed day and time - sometimes I leave the place a terrible mess but she fixes it up. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about it and leave her some extra cash. No problem with recommending her services.

I started with Pippa about three months ago and my wife and I could not be happier with the results. We just got tired of cleaners who always cut corners, you know, half the rug not cleaned or missed spots in a shower. Pippa's team are the most thorough cleaners we have ever had.

The clean was fantastic, very thorough. We were very impressed with the job completed.

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